Social studies teacher Ms. Flad writes annual letter to the Class of 2020

Social studies teacher Ms. Flad writes annual letter to the Class of 2020

April 27, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of 2020, I certainly miss seeing you in the halls of Stroudsburg High, at the athletic events, on stage, at fundraisers, at the store, at church, and around town. It...

Letter to the Class of 2019

Letter to the Class of 2019

Ms. Susan Flad, Social Studies Teacher June 6, 2019

To the Class of 2019,           It’s 2019! Did you think it would never arrive? We’ve had quite a few historic events occur since you’ve been at the high school... President Obama visited Cuba,...

Eighth Grader Advice

Eighth Grader Advice

Emma Kintz May 31, 2018

Many students assume that ninth grade is just another year. But ninth grade is getting you ready for high school. Your teachers will be harder and a lot more strict on you to prepare you for this important...

SHS teacher offers insights to senior class!

SHS teacher offers insights to senior class!

Ms. Susan Flad, SHS social studies teacher May 29, 2018

Seniors: So, the time has come, the time is now to spread your wings and soar! But first, let’s take a walk down memory lane. When you were in the ninth grade, Dr. Curry became Superintendent...

Early Release

Lesley Septimo, Student October 30, 2017

This year has been a difficult year. Most seniors already began struggling the second week that school began. It was not because they were lazy, but they were given a lot of work along with the task of...

To all of my little Pumas

Ms. Cheri West, Science Teacher June 12, 2017

To all of my little Pumas, I am absolutely delighted to have had the privilege of watching you all grow up. I've seen some unfocused and not so very motivated students find their individual paths. I've...

Class of 2017

Ms. Susan Flad, Social Studies teacher June 8, 2017

To the Class of 2017, Do you remember the feeling you had when you first set foot in this building? How different it was from the Junior High. Navigating the halls, and meeting teacher after teacher,...

Should we have class rank at any time in our high school career?

Zachary Ossman, sophomore March 27, 2017

Students should be allowed to know what their class rank is at any given time in their high school careers. The biggest academic award a student can win is valedictorian in their school, but in Stroudsburg,...

Student speaks out against litter in the community

Madalyn Drozal, sophomore March 26, 2017

If I could change anything about my community, I would change the fact that there is so much garbage around the streets. When you are driving around the streets of our beautiful town of Stroudsburg, your...

Hoodies should be allowed in school

Jamie Bittiger, sophomore March 26, 2017

An aspect about Stroudsburg School District that could be improved is the dress code. All the friends that I speak to can agree that the fact that they cannot wear hoodies is frustrating. Hoodies provide...

Dress Code needs to be reviewed and improved

Anastazya Marin, sophomore March 24, 2017

Dear Editor, One aspect of Stroudsburg School District that I think can be improved is the dress code policy. This could be improved because students arenai??i??t allowed to wear hoodies due to it being...

Headphones are not a distraction to students in the halls

Steven Moran , Junior March 21, 2017

Iai??i??ve only been in Stroudsburg for a few months, and I think itai??i??s a great school. The students and teachers are very nice and respectful, but I do think, however that the school can be improved....

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