Student speaks out against litter in the community

Madalyn Drozal, sophomore

If I could change anything about my community, I would change the fact that there is so much garbage around the streets. When you are driving around the streets of our beautiful town of Stroudsburg, your eyes get pulled away to the sides of the road where a lot of garbage lies. Itai??i??s really a shame that our town looks like this. I think we would all rather see the beautiful trees and flowers, rather than ugly pieces of garbage on the road side.

Fortunately, this can be changed and our community can reach its full potential of being clean and beautiful. It takes the smallest amount of effort and no money at all to go around town and clean it up. Volunteer groups can be organized and they can spend the day outside, getting fresh air and making the community cleaner.

Once we clean up our town, it needs to stay clean or we will be cleaning up garbage very frequently. We can keep it clean by using the garbage cans like we are supposed to. If you are driving and you finish your cheeseburger from McDonaldai??i??s, donai??i??t just throw the wrapper out of the window. Hang onto it until you find a trash can that you can put it into. Sometimes trash cans do overflow. Donai??i??t make the overflow worse by putting your garbage into it. Find a different trash can to throw your garbage away in. The overflowing garbage in the trash can will end up in the bushes once the wind blows.

Therefore, if there was anything I could change about our community, I would change the fact that the streets are home to a lot of garbage around our town.