Class of 2017

Ms. Susan Flad, Social Studies teacher

To the Class of 2017,

Do you remember the feeling you had when you first set foot in this building? How different it was from the Junior High. Navigating the halls, and meeting teacher after teacher, it was a wonder you knew where to go. But, these days you are walking the halls as a student, for the last time. So much has happened in three years.

It was in your sophomore year that there was an Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Isis was on the rise, and President Obama began restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba. Maybe you were more concerned with how your teachers expected you to study and submit your homework when it was due, than think about what was going on around the world.

Just when you began to settle in, it was time for Homecoming floats! Whether it was Decades or Disney the class of 2017 proved themselves to be creative and quite talented with their floats and with their video clips of homecoming queen nominees. Sydney Willis was your choice for Homecoming Queen of the Class of 2017. Shon Wilson was voted your King of Hearts.

It has been a few years since a group of students, now seniors, have seen such a change in assistant principals. Mr. Quinnones, Mr. Burke, and Mr. Schalk, were here when you arrived. When you returned as juniors, Mr. Triolo was here to replace Mr. Quinnones. This school year Mr. Burke, Mr. Angelopoulos, and Ms. Chester, are your assistant principals. I must say that some of you have gotten to know them pretty well.

The class of 2017 had a lot going on in high school that involved food. There were soup sales, Krispy Kreme sales, breakfast with Santa, and breakfast with Doctor Seuss, to name a few. Letai??i??s not forget the copious amounts of food consumed at Mini-thon and Prom!

Oh yes, the Prom looked like a Debutante and Beaux Ball. The young ladies were just beautifully dressed and adorned, and the young men look so handsome and grown up when they each were in a suit or tuxedo. Araceli Dunn and Ethan Cook made a fine Queen and King.

There have been many events at Stroudsburg High since youai??i??ve been here. For instance, Mini-thon, which raised $100,000 this year, NERF ZOMBIES, Rev Three Triathlon, and our amazing musicals, come to mind. The Music Man, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Damn Yankees, had students from the Class of ai???17 in the pit orchestra, the cast, the crew and, set production. Some of you were on hand on during the shows to sell refreshments, hand out playbills, and escort theater goers to their seats.

What else has happened since youai??i??ve been here? Terrorist attacks in France and England, Zika virus on the loose, threats from North Korea, the closing of Three Mile Island nuclear plant, and an historic election where a businessman became President of the most powerful country in the world.

How many times have you heard ai???put away your phone, take out your earbuds, whereai??i??s your ID, be on time to class, no eating in the hallsai???? And who can forget those all call announcements ninth period with ai???Will you please move your car out of the bus parking lot?ai???

So much has happened in your time at Stroudsburg High School. When you look back through the years, think of how your dreams and plans have evolved.

You are about to finish one chapter of your lives and begin a new one. Look ahead with determination and hope. Where do you see yourselves in five years? Set goals and work toward them. Think, dream, and pursue, all that life has to offer.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Class of 2017, remember each one of you is unique. You are here for a reason that may or may not seem too clear right now. Be proud of your accomplishments to be a better person, to serve your country, to benefit your community, to help humanity, for you are the future.

May all your dreams become reality. Congratulations.

S. Flad

Social Studies Department