Hoodies should be allowed in school

Jamie Bittiger, sophomore

An aspect about Stroudsburg School District that could be improved is the dress code. All the friends that I speak to can agree that the fact that they cannot wear hoodies is frustrating. Hoodies provide a feeling of comfort. They also keep us warm when sometimes the school is very cold from the wintry air. Almost every time I enter the cafeteria, I get very cold because the heat doesnai??i??t always turn on. Along with this, most students own a sweatshirt and they are easy to get their hands on. They donai??i??t fit inappropriately and donai??i??t pose issues.

For me personally, hoodies are a staple item and can be worn to a lot of events. They also do not look sloppy while worn with the appropriate outfit. I do not believe that banning hoodies in the dress code was a good idea. They are very comfortable and always stay in trend.