Should we have class rank at any time in our high school career?

Zachary Ossman, sophomore

Students should be allowed to know what their class rank is at any given time in their high school careers. The biggest academic award a student can win is valedictorian in their school, but in Stroudsburg, students barely know where they are ranked before awards day. In other schools, students have their class rank included in their report cards, so they can find out where they are ranked four times each year. I personally think that Stroudsburg can do even better than that. Students are encouraged to go to the online community portal everyday to check their grades and homework assignments. Stroudsburg could easily keep a posting for class rank and update it daily online, so students can keep up to date with their class rank. Why might this help the students? Students will be more motivated to work hard to improve their class rank. If a student sees that they are pretty low on the list, then they will try to improve their rank, and perhaps theyai??i??ll study harder for school. On the other hand, if a student sees that they are high on the list, then they will be encouraged to keep pushing on and try to get ahead of even more people. Having a public list of everyoneai??i??s class rank will keep students motivated to work hard during the school year.

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2 Responses to “Should we have class rank at any time in our high school career?”

  1. Livia Marga on April 6th, 2017 6:23 PM

    I 100% agree! I often find myself wondering out of pure curiosity and I know for a fact it would motivate others to due well. Surrounding schools do this-so why can’t we?

  2. Dan Sorrenti on May 11th, 2017 10:24 AM

    This is necessary for anyone that wants to pursue and be on a competitive edge throughout high school so they can be a star student for colleges to choose from. This will dramatically increase competitiveness for the educationally-inept, and I think that this could cause a change on a larger scale. I think kids will pick up their game with more and more things like this being thrown in the bunch, and essentially, the level of education could be increased over time, and Stroudsburg could continue to have brighter and brighter students than what we already have.

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Should we have class rank at any time in our high school career?