Enter the first ever Godzilla Haiku Contest today!


Nylah Safforld, Staff Writer

Have you ever considered the poetic possibilities of Godzilla? Ai??Well, they will exist as soon as you enter the first ever Godzilla Haiku Contest.

Do you want a chance to win a prize? Your very own T-Rex costume? If you answered YES, enter the Godzilla Haiku Contest today! All you have to do is write a haiku. Remember haiku’s are formed with three lines. The first and third lines must have 5 syllables. The second line must have 7 syllables. Have fun, be creative!

Comment your Haiku below, and remember to include your first and last names.

Submissions must submitted by 2:30 on Wednesday, May 17.


Ex: Ai?? Ai??The monster is here

He is breathing in my ear

Look out, Godzilla