Senior Quotes

Senior Quotes

Brianna Cummings, Staff Writer

We’ve asked around and were able to compile a list of the funniest, most random, most heartwarming quotes from the class of 2015.

Here they are:

What are the 3 most important things you will bring to college?

ai???Pineapple, DVD of Cool Runnings, Expired Subway Wisbauer

ai???My Boxers, 2 Pop Tarts, My Roache

ai???Calculator, open mind, desire to do DeHaven

What’s one important lesson you’ve learned at SHS?

ai???Donai??i??t walk by Kohlman out of dress code. Better yet, avoid the math Schlueter

ai???Iai??i??ve learned in order to gain respect from administrators you must conduct yourself in a respectful A. Palmer

ai???Itai??i??s okay to be a Crowley

ai???Doesnai??i??t matter how much you think you know in mathai??i??you donai??i?? Marks

ai???People are judgmental and no one is ever Schimpf

ai???Donai??i??t throw your milk carton at the music hallway wall, it will Halas

Why did you pick the college you chose?

ai???Great law program and I got a lot of scholarships and grants (Going for only $1,300 a year).ai???-Brigette Alves

ai???Itai??i??s cheap and Iai??i??m Modz

ai???Because it offered Army ROTC on campus, along with the option to major in International Ingenito

What is your advice to upcoming seniors?

ai???Fill out scholarship applications!! Stay away from dating, do what makes you Billy Walter

ai???Donai??i??t think itai??i??s time to start slacking off, there is still work to be Brittany Fowsar

ai???Scholarships are your Padilla

ai???Enjoy yourself throughout the whole year, and make great Clark

ai???Nothing matters but having fun and your academics. Be involved as much as you Herrera

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

ai???Watching a movie that Iai??i??m Crowley

ai???In England with 4 kids and an Pierre

ai???In California, married with LOTS of Banks

ai???In a wooden cabin hunting bear and deer in Rose

ai???With Alex Rose hunting bears in James

ai???A graduate from ESU, a State Trooper in New Jersey with hopefully a beautiful Lopez

ai???Working as a Nursing Anesthetist or a garbage man, it can go either way Mardini

ai???Where ever the wind has taken Eufemio

What’s your biggest fear about graduating from high school?

ai???Hillary 2016, hands Stewart

ai???My biggest fear is coming back a few years later to a Stroudsburg Football game and seeing we are no longer the greatest school in ai??i??Jarret A. Palmer

ai???Missing all of the friends that Iai??i??ve made and parting ways to a place where Iai??i??ll know almost Ocasio

ai???They finally put in a REAL pool after I Sroka

What will you miss the most about SHS?

ai???Chicken patty Stein

ai???The music program and Madame Verwey, my amazing French Nash

ai???The workout I get running around trying to find an open Melissa Dobroski

ai???Sam Torleyai??i??s Eufemio

Thank You for your wit and insight, class of 2015. You will be missed.