Entertaining activities to enjoy around the Poconos

With school ending soon, you have seven extra hours to do something new and exciting. This summer many places and attractions are opening up. Here are suggestions and ideas for you!

Becky’s Drive In — Becky’s Drive in is located near Allentown, a 45 minute drive. They have a snack bar and play new movies such as Deadpool 2, and The Incredibles 2 coming this June.

Movies —  The Cinemark is always a good place to go on a date, or to do something with your friends. It’s fairly new chairs, screens, and sound systems make the movie more enjoyable. However, food and snack prices are expensive so bring some food.  

Big Pocono State Park — Big Pocono is a park on top of the mountain where Camelbeach is located. The view is 360, it has park benches, and trails you can explore.

Camping on the Delaware — Camping is always fun. You can have a birthday party at a campsite with your friends, have a bonfire, and even swim in the Delaware. There are many areas available for camping such as Worthington State Forest, Delaware River Family Campground, and River Beach Campgrounds.

Picnicking — Picnics are as cheap as going out to eat, but more fun. You can make your own snacks, or buy something to go. You can picnic anywhere, a field, a park, and even a playground.

BBQs — Chances are, your family will have a BBQ this summer. With that you can invite some friends and eat food like hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, beans, macaroni salad, and fruit.

Hiking — The Poconos feature a lot of mountains and trails to hike and explore. Take advantage of the free trails and nature! Here are some trails you can hike. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation boasts numerous trails such as Sunfish Pond, Mt. Tammany Summit, and the Red Dot Trail.

Parks — Stroudsburg and towns around have tons of parks, trails, and playgrounds. You have unlimited fun things to do. Many people grabs some friends, some games such as, KanJam, Spike Ball, or play Ultimate Frisbee.

Roller Skating — Big Wheel is always a fun place to go whether you’re on a date or hanging out with friends. Big Wheel plays popular music and has multiple lights to make skating fun. They have food, rentable skates, games, and competitions. Tickets are only for general admission $5.00.

Laser Tag — You can Laser Tag down in Lehigh Valley with as many friends as you like. You are equipped with a vest and a gun and put into a big room filled with ramps, obstacles, and things to hide behind. If you get shot at with the laser gun your vest will make a noise, turn a color, and depending on the game mood, you will be out or your gun will be disabled for a certain amount of time. You pay $20.00 for a 40 minute session, and there are three game modes in that time.

Sports Games — Stroudsburg High School has sports games and competitions year round. There are many baseball games in the summer, and football in the fall.  

Resorts — The Poconos has many attractions like water parks and lodges. Some close by is Great Wolf Lodge, Camelbeach, Kalahari, and Shawnee Inn. There are other attractions a bit farther: Dorney Park, Knoebels, and Hershey Park. Parks range in prices but are usually around $40.00 or cheaper.

Road Trips — Stroudsburg is surrounded by interesting towns, and cities such as Mount Pocono, East Stroudsburg, Jim Thorpe, Easton, New York and Philadelphia. Each area features unique things to do, such as train rides, bike trails, hiking trails, stores, and waterfalls.

SkyFall/Free Fall — The indoor trampoline parks are perfect for rainy, or boring summer days. They both feature dodgeball courts, basketball hoops, a ninja obstacle course, and a bounce around area on squares of trampolines.