Leadership Council takes initiative within student body

Amber Quinn, Staff Writer

Over 31 clubs in SHS participate in events and activities organized by a behind the scenes organization known as the Imperial Diet. The goal of the Imperial Diet, also known as the ai???Leadership Councilai??i??, is to try to better the school by uniting all of its clubs. It places responsibility into the hands of the students rather than having them rely on club advisers.

President Adam DeSchriver, a senior, created the club at the end of last year. He aims to find what is best for all clubs, and works to ensure that every club has a voice.

ai???I felt that there was a need for communication in the school,ai??? DeSchriver said.

One or two student leaders from each club meet once a month to discuss their club’s problems and upcoming events. The meetings, run by president Adam Deschriver and advised by Mr. Andrew Kurnas, are held in the library in order to create an open environment. The councilai??i??s main focus is to allow for the clubs in the school to share or exchange information.

Both Deschriver and Kurnas believe that the Activities Fair was a great success for the council. Ai??For the first time ever, this year the students made most of the decisions regarding the fair. The responsibility was placed on the backs of the club leaders and from there, they were expected to be in charge of their own booth and make sure it ran smoothly throughout the day.

Vice president Maci Kendrick believes there is a great importance to the club. ai???I think the students should run it. It is our work, so we should be responsible for it,ai??? Kendrick said.

The council wants to create an environment where the student body can turn to someone for help with anything they need. The leaders do admit that they are still working out kinks, but wish to expand their presence in the school. In years to come, they hope to see the council continue on, whether it be under the rule of National Honor Society or Student Government, or another trusted organization.

Mr. Kurnas supports the council without limit. ai???Students are getting so much out of it [The council]. Ai??The school canai??i??t give you this experience,ai??? Kurnas said. He is proud of the opportunities the students encounter that would not arise if not for the council.

To keep the Imperial Diet moving forward, they plan on tackling the complication of parking passes and also ai???Trunk or Treat.ai??? There are not many set plans for the council, but they are excited that anything could come up and provide a way to engage the clubs around the school and the student body.