Activities Fair makes its way to SHS again


Kara Bendixen, Staff Writer

This yearai??i??s Activities Fair expanded by hosting a special event that included freshmen. Clearly, the goal of the organizers was to increase student awareness of all the clubs at the high school and to increase membership. And it worked. Students are already signing up.

Held in the high school gymnasium lobby, the Activities Fair took place earlier than ever (September 11) for grades 10-12. Interestingly, the event was spearheaded by SHS students. Of course, each club could turn to their adviser for support, but they essentially ran the event.

The following Friday (September 18) the freshmen were invited for Stroudsburgai??i??s first ever freshman Activities Fair. A little overwhelmed at first, the freshmen wandered around wide-eyed and intrigued by the experience. They were eager to ask questions and learn what extracurriculars the high school has to offer. Even SHS principal Mr. Jeffrey Sodl said he was amazed at the variety of clubs available to students.

Both Sodl and Mr. Andrew Kurnas, who has organized the event for several years, would like to continue to include the freshmen in upcoming years. Kurnas pointed out that there was ai???a mix of students. A lot were very interested in the fair, while others were just excited about the high school in

Every year students and advisers put a lot of effort in bettering the fair. They brainstorm ways to get students involved, consider where it should take place, when should students go down, as well as many other logistical challenges.

In the past overcrowding was a problem when the fair was held in the auditorium. This was solved by moving the fair to the gym lobby and having students go down during their science classes. Kurnas proposed the idea of not having juniors or seniors go down and shortening the length of the fair, which would help solve overcrowding, and not drag the day on for those working the fair.

The main goal of the Activities Fair is to make students aware of all the clubs that the high school has to offer. Ai??This yearai??i??s fair certainly succeeded by engaging students in a variety of ways and getting the to interact with club members.