The Acceptance Project focused on growing and affecting positive change


Photograph by Nina Goldschmit

Students are engaged in a discussion during an Acceptance Project meeting.

Alanna Christman, Staff Writer

To promote understanding, empathy, appreciation, and acceptance of different faiths, cultures, beliefs, and races. Our project will allow us to learn from each other the core value of humanity that unites us all,” wrote sophomore Taha Vahanvaty, the creator of a new club, the Acceptance Project.  The above words serve as the club’s mission statement.

The Acceptance Project is a developing club, having only started in April 2017. The club used to meet on Thursdays from 2:30 to 4:15 at the Eastern Monroe Public Library, which is located close to SHS. Now, with an upcoming switch of advisers, the club will have their meetings take place at location soon to be determined.

Students can still access information, though, on the club’s Google Classroom. The code is located on the sign-up sheet linked below.

The club is currently interviewing a new candidate to advise them. When this becomes official, the meetings will start back up again. Their goal is to meet in mid March.

The club includes 32 members as of now, and members agree that it is a neat environment.  They encourage others to join.  All students from grades from 9 through 12 will be welcome to participate.  

“It’s always helpful to see another point of view and broaden your horizons, which is what Acceptance Project strives for,” said sophomore Selma Acar, an Acceptance Project member. “It allows students to go outside of their bubble easier than just during school.”

For students interested in current events, political issues, hearing others’ views, or even just voicing opinions, this club is worth a try.

A student should join the acceptance project if they want to learn more about politics or current events that are controversial,” said sophomore Nate Bergman, another member. “My favorite part is the lightheartedness of the meetings. We discuss and analyze the topics, but we are all having fun while we do it.”

“Acceptance Project is a great club to expand your mind,” said sophomore Melanie Santiago. “In Acceptance Project we talk about different topics currently happening, and issues in politics. People share their opinion and people can respond to them.”

While the club has started very recently, Vahanvaty and other members believe this club can have a positive influence in the school community.

“I used to be greatly involved with the Acceptance Project, and I know it’s making a difference,” said sophomore Amaya Cruz. “Anything big has to start small. The club is new, but it’ll grow over time.”

The club has started small, but aims to grow larger. Students already involved believe in creating an open space to discuss views and opinions from any angle.

“I think creating a productive environment for dialogue is definitely a very difficult endeavor, but it’s ultimately a necessity to creating a more understanding and accepting school, community, and country,” said Vahanvaty.

Click on the link below for the sign-up sheet:

Acceptance Project Sign Up-Sheet

For any further questions, contact Taha Vahanvaty:

[email protected]