SHS Senior Class Committee meets for final time this year


Photograph by Cassandra Oppelt

Seniors gather around the superintendent to discuss school policies.

Cassandra Oppelt, Staff Writer

For the past two years, the Senior Class Committee has been holding meetings throughout the marking periods. They meet multiple times for working lunches thought the year. Both Dr. Cosmas Curry, SASD superintendent, and the senior students have been working hard together to build bridges of opportunity for the future students.

Curry, who currently runs and directs these meetings, feels very strongly about how they will affect the future students high school years.

“We get together to help improve the incoming students’ experiences. Based on the feedback that I receive from these students, we can help build a new structure for the future students.”

The meetings provide the superintendent with valuable information. According to Curry, the committee addresses two questions: What are we doing well and what can we improve upon.

“We take this very seriously, we look at issues that our concerning for our school and try to solve them,” said Curry.

The meetings are normally held about three times a year, leaving opportunity for the senior students to gain new experiences, so they have new ideas or concerns to discuss. This not only helps to improve their own senior year, but it also contributes to the following years.

The meetings are held in the SHS library and the atmosphere is relaxed.  Students are served lunch, and then they have a thoughtful discussion about the state of education in the district.

“I feel very comfortable talking with Doctor Curry and the rest of the students at the meeting because it really makes you feel like you matter, like you have a voice in the school’s decisions for its future,” said senior Kenneth Eutsay. “The board is for students who want to change the future for new students. I believe that what we are discussing today will help pave the way for all the students in the future.”

The committee recently held its last meeting for this year. The seniors gathered with Dr.Curry to share any final thoughts that they hope will benefit classes to come. Dr. Curry plans on keep the committee going in the fall.