Student Spotlight On Teresa Leviner


Tyler Stone, Staff Writer

Who are your favorite teachers and why?

I’d say Mrs.Edwards, hands down. This woman is such an inspiration. She pushes students to strive to be better in life, and in school. She once wrote a quote on her board about kindness, and how to make a difference. That quote has stuck with me.

‘Kindness is Free.’

What is your goal this year?

My goal this year is to graduate and go back home to North Carolina and visit before joining the Navy. Family is what I miss the most there and the SWEET TEA. Being southern in a northern place is quite different. The atmosphere, the personalities are sure…different.

What is something people may not know about you?

Something people may not know about me is that I’m an adrenaline junkie. I love to race, whether its horses, dirtbikes, four-wheelers, or cars. My family and I travel to our vacation home in West Virginia to go riding the dirt bike trails. Funny enough, I broke my arm riding a pool float down the stairs of my home when I was a child. Most thought it was riding dirt bikes, or bull riding.

What is something that you learned in your childhood that has stuck with you?

I learned if you want sweet tea, you better go down south because northern people like unsweetened or weird flavored tea with fruity combinations.

What is the greatest experience you ever had?

Me and my friend Timothy met an online friend named Joie (pronounced Joey). She happened to live an hour away, so we thought it would be great to meet up. We got there and she was the biggest catfish we ever met. Then, we still ended up being friends. She took us to this sketchy waterfall and we went cliff jumping. We’re still friends.

What was your favorite class at SHS?

I definitely enjoyed my classes with the teacher Mr. Morris. He’s such a quirky teacher. Every Friday, I’d enter the room and he’d clap his hands saying “HAPPY QUIZ DAY!”

What is your greatest weakness?

I believe my kindness is my greatest weakness. Sometimes I don’t know how to say no, or I’ll do something someone asks when I don’t want to do it.

What motivates you to come to school?

I am definitely motivated by my mother. My mother recently got sick, and it strives me to do better than what I was doing before.

What activities or hobbies do you do outside of school?

I literally love to go play putt putt with my friends! It’s fun competing on who’s better. I also enjoy reading in my free time. BUT, one thing I do enjoy is Apex Legends. You will see me become the sweatiest person in a match.