It’s an injustice and a shame that people shoe shame

David Bradley

Dear editor,

Tell me, fellow student, what makes a pair of Crocs with socks, or white Starters, any less desirable than a pair of Jordans or Gucci flip flops? Ai??I think this every day while walking through halls or trying to learn in a classroom, because it seems that some individuals like to shame others for not having expensive shoes. Ai??This to me, is horribly wrong. Ai??A person should be able to choose their shoes and not have to feel shamed for it.

Think, if you liked the way that a soggy cardboard box felt and looked on your feet, wouldnai??i??t you want to wear a soggy cardboard box without having someone point it out and make it seem ai???not Ai??What makes a personai??i??s shoes not normal? Ai??What is the equation to finding out how not normal someoneai??i??s shoes are? Ai??I believe that it does not exist. Ai??

Everyoneai??i??s shoes should be viewed as equal. Ai??The world is a messed up place, but to work and fix it, shoe equality must be the first step. Ai??Once we accept everyoneai??i??s Crocs, and pillow cases tied with rubber bands, we can work for a better tomorrow. Ai??Next time you say to another student, ai???What are those?ai???, ask yourself, ai???What are you?ai???

David Bradley