Mock Trial allows students to experience how U.S. legal system works


Diyanna Schlaeger, Staff Writer

“Mock Trial is a great way to practice public speaking skills and learn more about the legal system,” said adviser Ms. Jamie Marra.

The term Mock Trial essentially means a pretend courtroom situation for students to learn how the legal process works.  A mock criminal case is established for students from area schools.  The students must carefully study the case and then compete against each other to see who performs better.  The students actually play the roles of lawyer and witness.  The team that performs best wins the case.

Marra got involved because several students approached her about advising the club.  Her husband is also an attorney in Stroudsburg.

The whole association of Mock Trials is sponsored by the Young Lawyers Division of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, which is a group of attorneys.

Mr. Paul W. Kaufman and Mr. Jonathan A. Grode have written this year’s case: “The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania V. Edi Arcaro”.  The students study and learn the case in goal to perform and be witnessed by Monroe Counties’ honorable judge Mr. Jon Mark.

Senior Jack Francis joined Mock Trial because he is interested in law.

“Mock trial means gaining experience in a courtroom,” said Francis. “It allows students to practice and learn the law and for those that are interested in pursuing a career in law.”

Mock Trial meets on Tuesdays in room C215 starting at 2:30.  The meetings start in late fall and run into the spring.

For more information, join the Google Classroom classroom: (qilxrfa).

Mock Trial