“CatchPhrase” Contest: Check out our top ten

CatchPhrase Contest: Check out our top ten

Shanna-Kay Lemuel , Mountaineer Staff

The Mountaineer staff would like to thank everyone who submitted a catchphrase. The response was fabulous. After great debate, we narrowed the list to ten. Ai??Now, it’s your turn to debate them, and when you finish, Comment on your favorite!

Catch Phrase

  • ai???Whoai??i??s mans is thisai??? – Holden Gerner
  • ai???Donate. Donai??i??t hateai???- Christian Neri
  • ai???Lead to Succeedai???- Amber Kelly
  • ai???Love Peace and Chicken Greaseai???- Mikayla Johnson
  • ai???Donai??i??t take the wrong right, Take the right Leftai???- Lasha B
  • ai???How Rudeai???- Aleisha colon
  • ai???Oh My Gammetai???- Shianne Shelton
  • ai???Feel the Byrneai???- Kristen Byrne
  • ai???Common sense is not so commonai???-Sierra Grant
  • ai???When in doubt climb outai???- Alex Cabral