Newly formed Ping-Pong Club paddles into first-ever meeting today!

Newly formed Ping-Pong Club paddles into first-ever meeting today!

Tyler Sweppenhiser, Staff Writer

Sitting in the basement of Stroudsburgai??i??s High School are ping pong tables waiting to be used. Finally, they are being brought back up. The Ping-Pong Club has recently been approved by the school board thanks to a group of dedicated SHS girls. The club will be run by five student advisers: Ai??junior Monica Rojas, junior Katelyn Marina, junior Caitlin Mason, junior Livia Marga, and junior Sarah Oai??i??Connell.

Are you ready to join Stroudsburgai??i??s first table tennis club today?

This club is for any student who is willing to show up, have a positive attitude, and be actively involved. Ai??”You don’t even need to know what ping-pong is to join,” said junior student adviser Livia Marga. ai???Ping-Pong Club will give students not only the opportunity to play ping-pong, but to socialize and learn some new skills. The goal of the club would be to get students of all skill levels to join, meet new people, and have a good time together in a stress-free environment,” she added.

The club is not intended to be a stressful club, in fact the purpose is quite the opposite. However, as all clubs, there will be a minimum participation requirement for those looking to add this to their transcript.

“Ping-Pong Club will only happen once every other week on Thursdays, and will have the first meeting today, December 8, in the gym lobby.” said junior participant Nina Morales.

The advisers look forward to seeing anyone and everyone at the club. Feel free to take up this unique opportunity today right after school!