SHS club Aevidum: “I’ve got your back”

Aevidum is there your not alone


Tanajah Rieara, Staff Writer

When you feel alone or in a corner by yourself, know that Aevidum has your back. The original Aevidum Ai??club started in 2009 when a small Lancaster school lost a student to suicide. Ever since, Aevidum has become a nationwide movement in more than 150 primary and secondary schools and colleges, with Stroudsburg being one of them.

Overall, students think that the Aevidum club will affect Stroudsburg positively and help with many teenage issues. With advisers Ms. Mindy Tkach and Ms. Diane Nelsonai??i??s help, Aevidum will be spreading awareness of suicide and its causes all across SHS to students, teachers, and hopefully parents as well.

With the club still being pretty new, starting in October, the newest members went to an event called ai???The Talkai??? on December 2. This is a workshop for new members to learn about the program.

ai???Knowledge is powerful,ai??? said Tkach. They want to raise awareness that everyone goes through issues behind close doors, and that help is never too far away.

Junio Kevin Narine said that “Aevidum will hopefully be the start of ai???treating others equally.”

Senior Jenna Muscat-Rivera added: ai???It will reduce depression and

The club plans on having future dress down days to support their cause and also get new members on board.

Aevidum meets every Wednesday in Tkach’s room, F206. Remember that Aevidum always welcomes new members with open arms.

Tkach also wants to encourages everyone to be aware of others in need, to learn to be aware of clues or signs.

ai???Keep your eyes peeled,” said Ms. Tkach.

Students should also look for upcoming Ai??Aevidum ideas and events.

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