Students gain access to thousands of books through Overdrive


Lucas Wesselius, Staff Writer

Overdrive is a new e-book reader that allows students access to thousands of free books at their fingertips. Every student at SHS has access to this incredible resource Ai??by simply using their ID number as their username and the password ai???mountiesai???.

Overdrive is a collaborative effort between several school districts, including those both inside and outside of Monroe County. Every school district pitches in cash to purchase books. The books are added to the digital library and are available to students in all the participating schools.

ai???Itai??i??s just full of newer popular books and some classics and it’s easy to access for people who like to read on electronic devices,” said SHS librarian Mr. Bill Lowenburg, Ai??

In addition to more than 2,000 newer books, Overdrive also works in coordination with Project Gutenberg, which allows students access to more than 30,000 classics.

While many are skeptical of the move from traditional books to e-books, there is no doubt that this is an amazing resource now available to the Mountie Nation.

Link to the website: