Shu-yu Chen, Staff Writer

KYBProductions is a channel run by Zachary Landvik-Larsen, a junior at Stroudsburg High School, who uses his YouTube channel to mainly post vlogs. His channel was started on July 6, 2015 and has over 1,400 subscribers, over 60,000 views, and over 350 videos (as of April 2018). He uploads semi consistently, about once a week.

His channel consists of upbeat vlogs of him participating in various activities, “Shoutout Sundays” (where he promotes an active subscriber), gaming videos, sneaker unboxings/reviews, livestreams, giveaways, and other miscellaneous content. If you want some great laughs after a long day, this is a channel you must watch!  

Some of his fan favorite videos are: “My Fried Chicken Song”, “Running Man Challenge”, and “Falling in the Halls”.

Check out his channel: