Library Changes


Ryan Serbin, Staff Writer

The library: a home to the realms of expanded knowledge and thought. When students Ai??are in doubt of a certain subject, (and without the access to google it if Wi-Fi is not available), they head to the library to give us the information they need.

Some students tend to rely on the library as a sanctuary to relax and as a place to chat with others, while to others it is a place to gain quick knowledge in the history paper they forgot to do.

Some of the students tend to enjoy the library for how peaceful it can be when it’s not packed with classes. ” I enjoy the silence”, said senior James Wyatt Fairbanks.

In this day and age of technological advancements in the school system, it is interesting to see how the library stands in the e-book age.To find the changes to the library in the now Google-focused school, itai??i??s the best move to ask the librarians to the new upgrades.

Librarians Mr.Lowenberg and Ms.Kraeutler have been doing that with teaching the classes how to use the new programs. Ai??ai???More and more teachers are implementing Google classroom and need support with thatai??? says Mr.Lowenberg, ai???So we’re spending time helping them and

Since earlier this year, the Google program, Classroom, has been heavily implanted in the school. The library has been introduced to Classroom as well, as it uses the program to instruct teachers on using it themselves for their own class .

Now students can be able to schedule a visit to the library thanks to the Google Calendar, a digital calendar app. In due to the implementation of the Google programs, the library has now gotten an increase in the amount of classes registered for visits.

It has also become much easier for students to do work than last year. Just ask senior Jordan Muffley, who enjoys going to the library. To her,ai???the most useful part of the library is that I can go there to do research electronically.”.

As for the checkout system for taking out books, that will still stay the same as ever, but there is now an online checkout system. If you want to check out an e-book, go to

Overall, the library has seen an increase in its advancement. Does this change the overall process of looking for a book, and then checking out? The answer to that is no.

While the library may be different from last year, the library is one the last bastions of physical media.