SASD offers extensive Google Classroom trainings for teachers


Photograph by Alanna Christman

Mr. Andrew Kurnas going over a Google Classroom assignment.

Cassandra Oppelt, Staff Writer

Students and staff at in the Stroudsburg Area School District are going into the classroom — the Google Classroom. 

In order to prepare the staff, the administration is offering numerous trainings every month throughout the school year. 

February alone has 10 trainings on the schedule. Each class is on a specific google application such as Classroom, Docs, and Slides. The classes run in shifts of either AM or PM, and each is about one hour. All of the classes take place at the local Stroudsburg Middle School.

Google applications, mainly Google Classroom, has been widely debated at schools all over, and both loved and hated by students.

Sophomore Ashley Schwartz expressed her frustration at one aspect of Google Classroom: “My teachers post assignments on Google Classroom and assume we will see it when we don’t always see the notification in time and it really bothers me.”

We don’t always see the notification in time and it really bothers me.

— Ashley Schwartz

Many students like Schwartz believe that the teachers often relying on Google Classroom to get their work to the students can be a big burden. Students don’t always have the right technology, or they simply don’t receive the notification. Students argue that because it was not their fault they did not receive the notification on time their grade should not be affected, while teachers often believe that they are constantly reminding the students about checking the app.

While there are many students against the app, there appears to be more in favor of it.

 “It is really great, and it honestly really helps me out to get my work done,” said senior Ashley Mayers.

It is really great, and it honestly really helps me out to get my work done.

— Ashley Mayers

Sophomore Leslie Rowan agreed: “I think it’s a really okay app, it updates me on my homework, and I really appreciate it.”

Junior Tyler Presco expressed his concerns and made a suggestion:  “I believe that more work could be done on how assignments on Google Classroom are uploaded and graded,” Presco said. ” But I feel like it’s very convenient as it makes it easier for students to remember what they were assigned and be more efficient in getting their work done. Google Docs is useful as well because of the ability to work with classmates on group assignments.”

The students seem to have very diverse views on the apps. Many believe it could use some adjustments in order to be most efficient, some don’t like it at all, and some love it. Many students feel the main goal is to teach the staff more about it, so they can use it as effectively as possible.

The Director of Instructional Technology Ms. Stacy Famoso explained the goal of the training sessions.

“We want all of our staff to be trained and have enough professional development,” said Famoso. “The electronics are resources but that doesn’t take away from how we teach our students.”

The electronics are resources, but that doesn’t take away from how we teach our students.

— Stacy Famoso

Famoso says that she looks at technology as a resource, just as a pencil was once a new resource.  She believes the real secret behind the district’s success are the fabulous teachers, and she wants to help them.

“We are using it in a way that will facilitate students learning but also prepare them for the jobs that haven’t even been invented yet,” said Famoso.