This is a time for students to try one of the new activities listed below


Kaylee Villanueva Santos

Many items that can be used to fend off boredom during these slow and long quarantine days.

Kaylee Villanueva Santos, Staff Writer

The coronavirus has swept in to the U.S.A. at an alarming rate. America, like many other countries, has had to shut down countless activities in order to avoid the spread of the virus.  

This epidemic has resulted in businesses being forced to close, state-wide curfews, country-wide lockdowns, and mandatory personal isolation for everyone, making whole populations stay at home.

After nearly one month, this quarantine has forced many students to take on new activities.

Below is a helpful list of activities that students, as well as adults, can work on while at home.

  1. Use this time to try home exercises or jogging outside, if possible.
  2. Form a new hobby: Try something like painting, drawing or even writing down random notes. 
  3. Catch up on movies and shows: Find shows online or ask friends for recommendations and find different things.
  4. Learn something new: learn a language, how to play an instrument if you have access to one at home, or how to cook.
  5. Try new recipes: if you know how to cook, try out different recipes you can have fun with and show off to others. 
  6. Try creating stuff: try making old clothes into new items you can wear, or decorate your room a new way.
  7. Catch up with friends and family by calling them and playing online games with them: for people with iphones, you can play imessage games, or find an online game you guys like to play.
  8. Have your own at-home photo shoot: put on an outfit you would wear out or would like to experiment with and have a photo shoot around the house.
  9. Discover new music: ask friends for recommendations or if you have Spotify, go through your ‘Discover Weekly’ and ‘Release Radar’ playlists or find random playlists created by Spotify. For YouTube, search mood playlists that give a mix of different artists and check those artists out!

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Stay safe, make sure to keep social distancing and keep washing your hands!