Mars moves into retrograde, and it can affect everybody

Tips on how to stay healthy and positive while the energy shifts.


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Cassie Oppelt, Staff Writer

As if this year has not been crazy enough, Mars has officially gone into retrograde. Is everything going backwards?

This phenomenon began on September 9 and continues through November 13. This retrograde occurs in Aries, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect everybody.

Let’s go over the details quickly before we get into how it can affect everyone. A Mars retrograde happens every two years or 26 months. It occurs because Earth moves way faster than Mars; therefore, Earth will pass Mars twice before Mars can make one full trip around. During this time, it will appear that Mars is actually moving backwards in the sky. So how can all this affect people on Earth?

Mars is known as the warrior planet. The planet represents action, motivation, and physical energy. When the planet goes into retrograde (like right now) it becomes harder to express these things, therefore it would be harder for a person to take action, to feel motivated, and show energy. During this time, people may feel more tired than usual, and it can be harder to make progress on projects going on in their lives.

For many people, this retrograde could be the perfect time to rethink how you assert your personal energy, it is a time when we are all advised to use our energy in working smarter not harder. This means instead of pushing yourself, take the time to really analyze your issues and find new methods for dealing with the things in your life that may be stressing you out.

This retrograde will be especially strong considering Mars is in its home sign (Aries) and planets are most comfortable and powerful in their home signs. During this time, people may also feel as if their love life is stagnant. Since Aries is quite the emotional sign, this could leave one feeling very frustrated. With extra frustration in life, a person may notice some repressed anger coming to the surface as well.

One suggestion is for people to focus on self-care and emotional growth. Take the time to look deeper into one’s self to see how habits may be affecting relationships. It is suggested to try to find an outlet to express and explore all of the feelings you may be experiencing, as well as a physical way to help with the anger it could be causing. Exercise is certainly a viable suggestion.

Another suggestion is to avoid too much conflict; it will most likely cause more harm than good while in this phase. One may experience may sporadic energy levels, so it’s a time for going with the flow and not forcing things.

If you’re wondering how much this will affect you, personally take the time to download an astrology app to find out which house Aries is in for you. This will show you what specifically in your life this retrograde could be affecting.

Some apps you can find in the App Store on your phone are:

  • The DailyHoroscope
  • Time Nomad
  • TimePassage
  • AstroStyle