The Mountaineer announces Holiday Contest Winners

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Alanna Christman, Editor-in-Chief

The Mountaineer newspaper hosted the Holiday Contest for the past two weeks, and are here to announce the official winners! They are each receiving a ten dollar gift card as well as a shoutout on our Instagram: @shsmountaineer

Thank you to everyone who joined our Google Classroom and participated in our contest. Almost 200 people entered the contest.

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The Winners:

  1. Ms. Mindy Tkach
  2. Dimitri Rojas
  3. Abby Dydynski
  4. Alenny Vazquez
  5. Anthony Martell
  6. Allison Witmer
  7. Dzhumile Hodzhova
  8. Nirali Patel
  9. Mike Burns
  10. Omaya White