Cera Muffley – Millersville University

Kevin Clark, Staff Writer

What college do you plan on attending and why did you choose this college/university? If you chose another path for next year, what is it? Be specific.

I plan on attending Millersville University because of their beautiful campus and wonderful students and staff!

What do you hope or plan to study when you attend your college/university?

I plan on majoring in psychology and minoring in animal behavior or criminal justice.

What is one goal you hope to achieve before graduating from SHS?

I hope to finish my classes with great grades, while making each class memorable.

What do you look most forward to about next year?

I look forward to starting a new chapter of my life, as well as making new friends and learning new things!

Share one insight/thought for next year’s seniors.

Make the most of your last year and stay strong!