Common Grounds-Brewing Acceptance One Cup At A Time


Olivia Beebe, Staff Writer

We all know that coffee and convenience are two things morning people crave. What isAi??more convenient than grabbing some java in the same building you go to school in?

Common Grounds was the perfect vision of convenience. It would supply a great way for students and staff to get their morning coffee and snacks but behind the counter, it would also help certain students receive experiences that they most likely would not get anywhere else.

Four years ago, education consultant, Mrs. Sherri McIntyre and speech and language therapist, Mrs. Lori Bochon, thought it would be beneficial to open a coffee shop in the school. It would be specifically run by their students with disabilities, who usually wouldnai??i??t have the chance to get a job in high school. This would be the perfect way for these students to experience the work force.

ai???We wanted somewhere in the building to train the students to get a job,ai??? said Bochon. ai???Itai??i??s very official. There are student managers. The kids have stations, jobs and responsibilities. ai???

Common Grounds took off with the students with disabilities, as well as the other SHS students. Ai??The prices are affordable, there are many items to choose from, and the service is one of a kind.

Senior Sierra Davis, who visits Common Grounds, stated, ai???From sophomore year to senior year, I have liked Common Grounds. One dollar for a coffee? Itai??i??s great!ai???

Over the years, this organization has helped the students with disabilities as well as the rest of the school. Since it started, Bochon has seen other problems that she didnai??i??t know her students had. It has been a tremendous help for her to realize what she needs to work on with certain students.

ai???I get to know my students on another level,ai??? she stated. Ai??ai???By having the opportunity to see them with social skills, they showed different problems that I didnai??i??t know

Common Grounds was a wonderful dream that Bochon and McIntyre brought to life.Ai??

ai???They are so excited to be a part of something and Iai??i??m so glad we gave them something to be a part of,ai??? Bochon said.
By visiting Common Grounds you will experience one of a kind deals and service. There hasnai??i??t been an organization as clever and beneficial as this one. They hope to keep it in business for years to come. Visit Common Grounds in the mornings during the first three periods to support the students with disabilities.Ai??