Elise Paputchi – Moravian College

Madison Hentze, Staff Writer

What college do you plan on attending and why did you choose this college/university? If you chose another path for next year, what is it? Be specific. 

I will be attending Moravian College. It is such a beautiful campus and has the nicest students and staff.

What do you hope or plan to study when you attend your college/university? 

I will be majoring in Biochemistry.

What is one goal you hope to achieve before graduating from SHS?

I hope to make this year as memorable as it can be.

What do you look most forward to about next year?

I look forward to moving onto the next chapter in my life. I can’t wait to meet new people and make new memories.

Share one insight/thought for next year’s seniors.

Senior year flies by. Make sure to make lots of memories and enjoy it!