Comparing 1939 and 2016: What are the characteristics of the ideal boy/girl? Read what SHS students think, and then comment below!


Madison Seixas, Writer

In February, 1939, SHS’s Mountaineer newspaper posed the following question to the student body: Ai??What are the characteristics of your ideal boy/girl?

Since we are in the midst of celebrating Valentine’s Day and King of Hearts, we decided to ask the same question to SHS students in 2016.

Take a look at the original, and see all of the cool answers your fellow classmates came up with.


An ideal friend/partner should be trustworthy, hard working, and adventurous. They should push me to be better and make me feel happy.

Lauren Bruckstein, junior


Well having a gentleman would be nice. He needs to be kind and caring. Must be a lot taller than me and he needs a nice beard.

Olivia Beebe, senior


Most people say brown eyes are plain and remind them of poop, but I say, I do the doodoo (Can you tell how much I love brown eyes). I also like flippy hair, thatai??i??s right future boy, flip it like 2010 Harry Styles.

Giselle Maldonado, senior


They got to be funny like I don’t care if they’re shy or anything but if they make me laugh like legit laugh till my stomach hurts like my friend can do that if my girlfriend can do that I will marry her.

Kal Holdor, sophomore


Funny, creative, athletic, good looking, random, confident.

Jared Navorro, senior


I look for a girl who has a good smile, personality and can make me laugh.

Kyle Banashefski, senior


Pretty, funny, athletic, good cook.

Brady Wyant, senior


A guy who can lick their elbow.

Kristen Dougher, sophomore


There is one important thing I look for in my ideal girl, and that is that they donai??i??t exist. They don’t breathe, talk, or walk because they are not real. Non-existent girls are so hot.

David Bradley, junior


Heai??i??s gotta be as skinny as a skeleton. I want to see angles and bones. Also, without modesty and humility thereai??i??s no chance.

Lexi Karayanis, senior


My ideal boy has to be funny, but not overly funny where everything is a joke. They have to be smart and honest, they have to be able to handle my weirdness, like random conversations at 2:00 AM.

Katie Wheeler, sophomore


Nice, tan, luscious blonde hair, rich, ambitious, wants to build a 100 Ft. wall, Donald Trump.

Hannah Defino, sophomore


Some characteristics that I look for in a girl, sweet, kind, and beautiful. I look for blue-eyed brazilian girls with black hair.

Jason Brown, senior


Body, eyes, hair, personality.

Rashaun Jones, sophomore


Regardless of flaws, has confidence and knows how to love himself (but at the same time is humble). Good sense of humor, enjoys making friends laugh and isnai??i??t afraid to laugh at himself.

Lasha Basadzishrili, junior


Funny, nice, caring, nice hair, dresses nice.

Stephanie Cintron, senior


Funny, loving, caring, selfless, nice hair, dresses well.

Brianna Dungan, senior


If she can cook, manage her time wisely and has a cute laugh.

Matt Adams, junior


Mystery, loyalty, unique traits, security and humor. Has to be gross and not scared of going to abandoned places, metal shows and dead things.

Laura Bjornholm, senior


Taste in music, chill, smart, loyal, nice eyes.

Brian Christie, senior


Good looking, smart, loyal.

Travis Hines, senior


Good personality, clean and good teeth, nice smile, good hygiene, 6 Ft. or taller, muscles, 4 pack at least.

Antonia Lightfoot, senior


I want someone who will willingly pay for me to get my nails done plus a tip.

Tyler Garlin, senior


Someone who I could enjoy a thoughtful conversation with. The floor always gives me the same response. Ai??

Kenneth Choo, senior


Someone whoai??i??ll appreciate what you do for them and is beautiful in my eyes.

Emanuel Morales, senior


Someone who likes the same music that I do.

Morgan Dempsey, junior


Perfect eyes, sweet smile, cares to be with a crazy marine, can get along with me. Angel Ortiz, senior


Be good at Call of Duty.

Jared Miranda Senior


They can tolerate and laugh at my puns and sometimes bad jokes. Have roast sessions but still can stand each other.

Bruce Kromka, senior


I look usually for a handsome type of person. They have to be charming and laugh at all my jokes no matter how dumb they are. I find those things and more everytime I look in my mirror, smile, and walk out the door.

Tyler Sweppenhser, sophomore


Humor is extremely important. Itai??i??s important because if he canai??i??t be a funny friend and is always a serious sal he ainai??i??t worth my

Natasha Granadin, senior


My ideal girl is for her to be confident.

Lauryn Garcia, sophomore


A best friend. Somebody who can make me smile no matter what.

Paige Maletz, junior


A nice ai???personalityai??? with accentuated ai???characteristicsai???.

Spencer Kash, senior


If they crack jokes and have a nice body.

Khadejah Picket, senior


Loyal, respectful, honest, adventurous, someone who is as weird and adventurous as I am.

Roxy Castillo, senior


My ideal girl has to be smart, beautiful and they have to care about people with special needs as much as I do.

Ethan Cook, junior


Nice smile, great personality, beautiful eyes, nice taste in music, makes me laugh, beautiful on the inside, smart, loyal, puts others first.

Jahmaal Buckley, senior


Eyes and a good personality.

Jason Vitacco, senior


Good mothering skills.

Mike Hancho, senior


Cutie, personality.

Ryan Humpherys, senior


You have to have a sense of humor, the ability to make me laugh, kind, cool, BROWN HAIR AND EYESai??i?? preferably tall :)

Alyssa Salvato, junior


Eyes, hair, the way they carry themselves, being understanding (thinking logical), being able to just hang out and not expect so much.

Alonzo Ricardi, junior


Girl- warm heart, patience, loyalty and a sparkly personality!

Boy- romantic, protective, caring and reliable!

Dina Welliver, senior


Honesty, abs, athletic, sense of humor but can be serious when needed, caring, supportive, and an overall special and unique guy.

Acadia H., sophomore


The characteristics of a girl that I look for is standing out, very talented, passionate and very outspoken.

Julicia Stoute, junior


Nice smile and eyes, big muscles, close family, notices the little things in me, handy man for fixing things and a good education with a great career ahead of

Sarah Jencanelli, senior


Nice personality, pretty eyes, fun, willing to try new things like travel different places and different food. Honest and has some morals.

LeeBrian Mutugi, senior


Sense of humor, donai??i??t take things too seriously when known to be a joke, also must have the same interests.

Angel, junior


What I look for in a boy is super tall because Iai??i??m about 5ai??i??10 and still growing. Someone who is outgoing because Iai??i??m shy, someone whoai??i??s honest, trustworthy, and has humor. Carolyn Antal, sophomore


Nice smile and someone who recognizes and goes out of way for the little things in life that makes me smile.

Marinda F. Diaz, senior


In a guy I look for a good sense of humor, a nice smile, someone I can have a deep connection with, someone who I can do anything with and never get bored.

Kristen Barrett, senior


Animal lover, respectful, loyal, and funny.

Bethany Kucharski, senior


I look for someone to love and appreciate me just as much as I love and appreciate them. And funny and kind.

Tyler Garlin, senior