The Set Up: alternative band consists of three SHS females, playing downtown soon


Gabriella Wallace, Staff Writer

The newest local alternative band, The Set
Ai??is slowly but surely gaining popularity in Stroudsburg. They have made their own unique covers of popular songs, such asAi??Toxic by Britney Spears and Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. The band consists of three Stroudsburg High School seniors: Josefine Cardoni, Charlie Cimino, and Hannah Lee. Each are heavily a part of the Stroudsburg music department and have played instruments for years. Every member of the band has a very important role in the band; Josefine plays the guitar, Hannah plays the piano and sings lead, and Charlie plays auxiliary percussion and sings backup. Check out this Question and Answer (Q & A) Ai??set up withAi??The Set Up.Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??

To learn more about the band and to listen to them now, check out these links. Ai??They will also be playing live at Jock and Jill’s on Main Street on March 4 for a Mini-THON fundraiser:

Soundcloud Ai??Ai??

Facebook Ai??

Music Video Ai??


How did you guys think of the band name?

Josefine: Itai??i??s a song:Ai??The Set Up by Favored Nations


When did you guys think ai???man, we should make a bandai????

Charlie: Hannah and I were in Starbucks when a couple of guys came over to us and asked us if we had any interest in seeing their band play at the Living Room that night. We didnai??i??t have anything else planned so we decided to go check them out. Ai??After watching them perform we both had the thought ai???Hey, we could definitely do something like this too.”


Whatai??i??s your favorite song you guys have made?

Charlie: Blue is my favorite right now, but weai??i??re working on a new song that might have Blue beat in my opinion.

Josefine: Weai??i??re working on some stuff Ai??right now, but Blue is my favorite, itai??i??s pretty coolai???.


What songs have you covered?

Hannah: Back to Black, Toxic, Gold, Steady as She Goes, What You Know, Undercover Martyn, Billie Jean, Gooey, Left Hand Free, Renegade, No Diggity, and more.


How many songs have you written?

Josefine: So far weai??i??ve written three.


Who are your musical influences?

Charlie: Our musical influences are definitely Two Door Cinema Club, Foals and Panic! At the Disco.


How do you come up with your songs? Like whatai??i??s your thinking pattern?

Charlie: When it comes to writing our songs, we find that itai??i??s easier NOT to have any kind of thinking pattern. Ai??Itai??i??s easier to just start talking about an experience or topic and let lyrics just kind of form out of them. Because we write like this, our songs usually donai??i??t make sense at all, but we love that.


Do you have any long time goals for the band?

Josefine: Weai??i??d like to play some more shows and write more songs whenever we can. Ai??Nothing long term.


Do you guys have any big things coming up?

Hannah: We just had some open mics but our next one is on March 4 at Jock nai??i?? Jills with Mr. Batt for mini-THON.