Kylie Rokoszak – Northampton Community College


Noah Barro, Staff Writer

How prepared do you feel for your future after high school? (1 = I have no idea what my next step will be, 5 = I know what I want to do and how to get there)


What are you doing after high school?

2-year college, but planning to transfer to a 4-year college
Tell us the name of the college you’ll be attending in the fall below:
Northampton Community College
What major do you plan to pursue?
Provide some more information into your plan after you graduate:
After I graduate I plan on attending Northampton Community College for my first two years to figure out what major I want to do, then transferring to a four year college maybe somewhere outside of Pennsylvania or farther away from Stroudsburg.
What do you look most forward to about next year?
I really look forward to being more independent and starting college. I love school and I’m excited to learn new things and focus on preparing for my future.