Zootopia (2016)


Lorenzo Conti, Journalism 1

Zootopia, released March 4, 2016, is the latest in Disneyai??i??s canon of animated films.

ZootopiaAi??takes place in, well, Zootopia, a bustling metropolis inhabited entirely by anthropomorphic animals. Judy Hopps, a rabbit from a rural area of Zootopia, wishes to become a police officer in the big city, but despite her enthusiasm and competence, is underestimated due to her being smaller and more fragile than any of the other officers. In a last-ditch attempt to redeem herself and prove her worth, she volunteers to solve a very difficult case, time being of the essence. She tracks down someone she thinks is of use to the case, Nick Wilde, a fox con artist. Together, they work to crack the case and unravel the conspiracy of the Predators.

The setting is utilized in creative ways, leading to the story having some very mature themes and allegoriesAi??delivering on many levels and making it genuinely enjoyable for kids and adults. Like 2015’sAi??Inside Out,Ai??Zootopia has reflections of real life issues in its theme and its art design. The two protagonists have great chemistry and the story never skips a beat, despite the basic plot.Ai??

Ultimately, Zootopia is a very charming and well-executed story with intriguing characters and is certainly worth checking out.