The Big Wheel Roller Skating Center offers unique opportunity to all

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Ren Bondoc

Canaan performing the trick called the Johnny.

Ren Bondoc, Staff Writer

The Big Wheel Roller Skating Center offers the community all sorts of possibilities for people who want to put on skates and have fun.

A popular destination for children of all ages, the Big Wheel offers a variety of activities to the public, including regular sessions throughout the week, roller hockey, after-school programs, home-school skates, and tiny tots meant for kids below the age of five.

This venue is not solely reserved for youngsters.  The Big Wheel offers Adult Nights on certain Friday nights for people aged 18 and up. Click here for announcements on regular and special sessions.

There is nothing else quite like the Big Wheel in the Stroudsburg community.  The owner or manager Ms. Bonnie Esposito says the venue is committed to providing a place where people can learn and grow in a safe, fun, unique environment.

The Big Wheel is located at 3226 North Fifth Street,  East Stroudsburg, PA 18301.

(570) 424-5499

Enjoy this photo gallery of skaters at the rink.