Teacher vs Teacher Battle Royale: Round 1 Announcement

Teacher vs Teacher Battle Royale: Round 1 Announcement

Let’s get ready to rumble! No holds barred! Next Ai??Monday, April 18, round one of the Teacher vs Teacher Battle Royal will begin! In this contest, you, the students, have the opportunity to place votes on who you believe would win in hypothetical brawls between your favorite, or least favorite, members of the Stroudsburg High School staff. The lineup goesAi??as follows:

Ms. Lobasso vs Ms. Rounsaville

Mr. Lowenburg vs Mr. Sobrinski

Ms. Sickler vs Ms. Batt

Mr. Pfeiffer vs Mr. Batt

Ms. Griswold vs Ms. West

Mr. Thornton vs Mr. Cassady

Ms. Baughman vs Ms. Rodgers

Mr. Bruski vs Mr. Lanfrank

Ms. Hakim vs Ms. Wood

Mr. Beck vs Mr. Youngken

Ms. Krause vs Ms. Lee

Mr. Hakim vs Mr. Husick

Ms. Malavolta vs Ms. Veraway

Mr. Clemson vs Mr. Dieter

Ms. Austin vs Mr. Kurnas

Mr. Kleinle vs Mr. Triolo

The winners of round one will be announced on Friday, April 22, and voting for round two will begin Monday, April 25.