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Student Spotlight on Victoria Garcia


What activities or hobbies do you enjoy out of school?

Outside of school, I enjoy playing video games, watching TV, TikTok, etc, and going to work as a Lifeguard-Flow Instructor at Camelback Resort. 


What are your future plans after high school?

After high school, I hope to attend Penn State University for Pre-Medicine. Then to apply to the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine or another dental school to become a dentist and hopefully own my own dental practice. 


Do you speak any other languages than English?

I speak Spanish as well. 


What is your passion in life? 

My passion in life is advocating for the decrease of drug and alcohol usage in teens. I will forever stand by it. For example, what I see all the time in my generation, is say someone is struggling or going through a challenging time and they start abusing these products to try to get over what they’re dealing with because they don’t know what else to turn to.

Drugs and alcohol are the only things that teenagers have learned to turn to if something goes wrong.

Tell me, is somebody who abuses drugs and alcohol really getting over what they’re dealing with, forever, just by robbing their mind of rational thinking? Or just for that moment? Some kids even deal with peer pressure into these things by seeing their friends try it.

My point is that if we can teach this generation that there are healthier things to turn to, we can decrease the number of teens who use these products by letting them know that there is someone there to help them and that there are better ways to get through difficult times, and that they are never alone.

Whoever is reading this, you won’t be sad forever, just keep pushing. 


When you are old, what do you think children will ask you to tell stories about?

When I am old, children will probably ask me to tell stories about what life was like during Covid or they would want to know about all of the different protests we’ve had whether it was George Floyd or Roe v. Wade, etc. They might even question the Russo-Ukrainian or Israel-Hamas War and what our feelings were about it. 


Which countries/places would you like to visit?

The country I would like to visit the most is Peru. It is my mom’s home country and I’ve never got the chance to see it and she always talks so greatly about the people and how beautiful it is. 


What was your favorite class in SHS?

My current favorite classes in SHS have to be Pop Culture and Anatomy. I love learning about the past. I find it interesting to see how far we’ve advanced in movie creation, fashion trends, dancing, music, transportation, etc..

I love Anatomy because learning about the body and its functions is pretty neat just thinking like, “Wow, this really looks like that under a microscope..?” or “That’s really what it’s called?”


\What movie/show could you never get tired of watching?

The shows that I could never get tired of watching are The Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy. I also find Modern Family hilarious but only because of Gloria. 


What is the most important lesson you have learned?

The most important lesson I learned was from my dad and it was,

 “You can’t tell anyone to do or not to do anything if they don’t really want to.” 


Who are your favorite teachers and why?

I have enjoyed all of my teachers, they have all been amazing and it would be so hard to pick only a few out of all of them. To make this easier on myself, for obvious reasons, my #1 staff member would have to be Officer Garcia.


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