TSA: The Hands-On Expierience


Ryan Serbin, Staff Contributor

While many of the clubs in this school have hands-on experience, there is no club that does it better than (TSA) Technology Student Association.

TSA is run by teacher Mr. Qendro and the newly appointed junior high school adviser Mr. Kirk George. Recently, the club hasAi??participatedAi??in the TSA state conference which was held at the Seven Springs resort in Western PA.

ai???TSA let’s students explore and develop 21st century skillsai??? said adviser Mr.George

Before his new position, George has been participating in TSA for the past 6 years. When the Mountaineer went to take a closer look into TSA, we found out about some upcoming details. ai??? High School members Mike Trezza, Jay Kmetz, and John Valinote are planning to participate in the TSA nationals at the end of June, while the rest of TSA is planning out the details of next year.”

While the time to join TSA has passed for this year, there is still the chance to join next year. The schedule is as follows, the TSA group meets every Monday after school inAi??room F112. It is a formal business meeting, and the work sessions can be based on each members individual situation. If you want to be able to get more hands-on experience in the school, then go join for TSA.