Daphne Tehranian


Shanna-Kay Lemuel, Writer

In Germany, their Ai??school has a lot more freedom. Students can leave school if they so choose, and can wear whatever they want. Students also have the time an ability to go out for their lunch break, something not allowed at Stroudsburg. Although they have plenty of freedom, German students do not have as much access to technology as Stroudsburg students, and definitely not as lenient. If they were to have cellphones present in class they would get taken away. Their school is also much smaller, holding about 20 classrooms in one building.


According to Daphne Tehranian, a German student herself, teachers are much more connected with students here at SHS. Technology is also more readily available within this school. Students are allowed to use cellphones in classes without them being taken away, under some circumstances. However, unlike in Germany, SHS does not have much freedom. Uniform approved clothing is a must and ID badges have to be visible at all times. SHS students do not have much choices for lunch, and do not have the ability to leave the building for their meals. Stroudsburg is much bigger in size compared to a 20 room building, having about 50 classrooms.