Stroudsburg School District has a few things to work on

Sarah Bower, sophomore

The Stroudsburg School District has many flaws and can be improved in many ways. One of the many aspects of the District that could be improved is the amount of pointless busywork assigned by absent teachers. Many teachers, when absent, will assign pointless busywork that does not even focus on what we learn in class. This work is hindering the students by taking away class time that could be spent in more productive ways, such as studying for an upcoming test, reviewing the materials we learned, or even working on homework for another class.

One way that assigning pointless busywork, such as having students write an essay about how the school district should be improved, is hindering students is by not allowing them to focus on the materials we learned in class.Ai??Since students are focusing on a new topic that will not benefit them in the class they are in, they are not focusing on the class. This means that they will have more questions for the teacher when they return, thus, wasting even more precious class time.

Another way that pointless busywork is hindering students is by preventing them from studying for upcoming tests and/or quizzes. Many students are taking a full schedule of classes and therefore have many different tests on various subjects coming in their near futures. Many students also participate in after school activities, which is encouraged here in Stroudsburg, and do not have much time after school to spend studying. This precious class time that is being wasted on busywork means less time to study for students. Less study time often means poor test scores, which reflects badly on the district.

Yet another way that pointless busywork is hindering the students is by preventing them from working on homework. In the previous paragraph it was mentioned that many students have a full schedule of classes, most of which assign homework, and very little free time after school due to activities. Because of this, the students also have very little time to work on homework. Unfinished homework can result in lower grades, which reflects badly on the students, teachers, and district. If absent teachers were to stop assigning pointless work, students would have time to finish their homework.

Assigning pointless busywork does nothing but hinder students, especially when it has nothing to do with what theyai??i??re learning in class. It prevents students from studying, focusing on the class subject theyai??i??re in, and completing homework. One way that could improve the Stroudsburg School District is preventing teachers from assigning this work when they are out for the day.