Student encourages peers to volunteer

Rebecca Burlingame, sophomore

I would like to see more people involved in volunteer work and public activities.Ai?? Young or old, it is always a good idea to help your community and meet new people in it.Ai?? I always find that I have a wonderful time working at the hospital on Sunday mornings.Ai?? Also, during the summer meeting new senior volunteers and listening to their stories on a slow day.Ai?? We should all strive to put ourselves out there and give back.

Social interaction is a key part of life and brings happiness to everyone.Ai?? There are those who prefer solitude but none can endure it.Ai?? Stroudsburg is fairly rural and small, and we could all enjoy a better quality of life if we learned to enjoy each other.Ai?? More people could become hospital volunteers or join with the Red Cross and organizing blood drives.

My mother always tells me about how she knew everyone of her neighbors and every kid even if she didnai??i??t play with them.Ai?? In a world of technology, these fake communities aren’t bringing us together.Ai?? We need to restore our neighborhoods and town to place where we all know and care for one another.