Beauty and the Beast lights up the screen


Katie Wheeler, Staff Writer

Time turns back with the original animated 1991 version to the live action 2017 version Beauty and the Beast has been a classic Disney movie for over 25 years.

This film is directed by the critically acclaimed American screenwriter and director Bill Condon. Condon wrote films and screenplays such as Gods and Monsters (1998), Chicago (2002), Kinsey (2004), Dreamgirls (2006), and directed the final two installments of Stephenie Meyerai??i??s The Twilight Saga.

Beauty and the Beast takes place in 18th century France. The original tale is about the prince of a castle who refuses to let an old lady into the castle on a snowy night. As a result,Ai??the enchantress curses the prince and gives him a rose saying that by the time the last petal falls he needs to find his true love or he will be stuck as a beast forever.Ai??

ai???It really captures the original movie,” said Junior Samantha DeBree. “Like the village was exactly how you picture it. It was full of people, and Belle being smart, beautiful, and adventurous. The characters were portrayed extremely well, and they added a few new

With a character thatai??i??s very different from most Disney princesses, Emma Watson took a different spin on Belle. In the original animated film, Belle is portrayed wearing flats as sheai??i??s walking through the village and forest. Watson chose to wear boots instead.

Disney announced before the movie was released that LeFou( Josh Gad) would be gay in the film. When Disney released the announcement Vladimir Putin wanted to ban the movie because of LeFou being gay. Because itai??i??s illegal in Russia to be gay.Ai??

The movie consists of the original sound tracks including a remake of the classic song ai???A Tale as Old as Timeai???, by Celine Dion.

ai???Beauty and the Beast was a magical movie and it gave me ai???the feels,” said junior Acadia Holbert. “The acting was great and the music could just make me smile!ai???