Introducing: YouTubers In Sburg


Shu-yu Chen, Staff Writer

YouTube is an online platform for creating and sharing videos for the world to see. It has gained extreme popularity since its startup in 2005, gaining over 1 billion views every day. With its diverse and large amount of content, it is the epicenter of mainstream trends.

Youtube’s popularity has led teenagers to express themselves through videos, and then share them on this online platform. Some students at SHS are YouTubers too, creating varied and unique content.

On the SHS News website under the ‘Student Life’ tab is a new category called ‘YouTubers in Sburg’. This page consists of brief profiles of channels run by students in Stroudsburg High School. This feature will be regularly updated if there are more channels created in the future.

Right now, that page showcases 7 channels: KYBProductions, C LO Gaming, Ethan Balcik, SBURG MINITHON, Michael Goss, OcasioDan620, and Terrapin Rider.

Through the use of Socialblade, email, and word of mouth, highlights of each channel are written and posted under each profile.

There is a link at the bottom of each YouTube profile that takes you directly to their channel. Feel free to support each of them! Each channel is worth checking out. Their content is funny, informative, and innovative.