Finding good books to read is easier than ever

This is an ideal time to explore these popular book sites



A scene with an open book, coffee, pencils, and leaves scattered around.

Benjamin Veley, Staff Writer

During these times of quarantining and being stuck at home, there are many activities still available to you. One of which is reading!

There are so many opportunities to get your hands on some good books to read. Travel to distant lands with the soothing voices of the audiobooks, or even enjoy a physical book that takes you on an adventure.

Many of the more popular sites include Audible, Goodreads, Thriftbooks, and Amazon.  Even Google has its own section.

  1. Audible: 
    1. Audible has been around since 1995. With over 200,000 audio books to choose from and a small fee monthly, there are so many places you can go!
  2. Goodreads
    1. Goodreads has been one of the most popular and reliable book sources for 14 years. Goodreads has over 11 million members with a catalog of over 30 million books and e-books available. Goodreads is mainly a book review site but there are many ways to find the books seen and they are even available on the site. 
  3. Thriftbooks
    1. Thriftbooks has been around for about 18 years and is the top site for buying affordable, used books. They sell nearly 12 million books a year and continue to grow at a phenomenal rate. Their books range from children’s to adults to textbooks — all at affordable prices. 
  4. Amazon
    1. Amazon has been around since 1995 and originally started off as a book selling company. In 2007, the first Kindle e-reader was released and it made it much easier to get access to e-books. With a library of over 33 million books, Amazon tops the list with the largest selection of books. Both styles of books are sold on Amazon. 
  5. Google Books
    1. Google books was released in 2004 and has become more popular in recent years. There is a section on the Google search bar that shows all the book titles that exist with your search query. There are scanned books on Google, so you can see a preview of the book before you purchase it. There is also a free site called Storynory that is affiliated with Google. It is a site for children to listen to their favorite audiobooks.