God of War


PHoto Via Pxfuel

Matthew Trezza, Staff Writer

God of War

By Sergio Lima,

Hummingbird, colibrí,
Huitzilopochtli beats
furious wings, pushing
heart to the brink to
feed on fermented sunrays
gathered in a flower’s funnel.
Diminutive powerhouse,
you protect your territory
from obscured perch in tree,
charging at trespassers
with staccato tweets and
curved, stabbing beak. Your
confidence rooted in speed,
the ability to cut through breeze.
Mouse strong,
snake quick,
eggs the size
of July acorns
or foil-wrapped
Easter candy.
When my steps
disturb you,
I am glad
you are so small,
but your rage
haunts my dreams.
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