Hoco Proposals take over SHS- Day 3!


Jessica Brady, Staff Writer

Luc DeBaptiste and Sky Gangi, juniors

On Friday, October 15, Luc DeBaptiste approached the student government members selling homecoming tickets outside of 7th period lunch and asked for help with something — he wanted to ask his friend, Sky Gangi, to the SHS Homecoming Dance.

Once  student government member, Jessica Brady, hit record, Luc walked into the lunchroom with a sign that read, “What R we talking abt-Hoco 2021?” Hearing the students in the cafeteria cheering, Sky looked up and saw Luc standing in front of her. That’s when he popped the question- she said YES!

The two hugged, and Luc held up his sign in victory! We are so happy for these two! Have a great time!