Student Spotlight on Rhamel Grehm

Student Spotlight on Rhamel Grehm

Savannah Bone, Staff Writer

What motivates you to come to school? 

What motivates me to come to school every day is seeing all my friends and I know that I am preparing myself for my future and bettering my education for my future.

Who are your favorite teachers and why?

Personally, this year my favorite teachers are Mrs.Brown, Mrs.Ramstine, and Mrs.Haubrich. They are all such cool teachers and they are easy to talk to. I feel like I can talk to them about anything and they can help me out.

What are your plans after graduation? 

After graduation, I plan to go to a 4-year HBCU college and get a degree in something health-related to become a physical or occupational therapist.

What is your greatest weakness?

My greatest weakness is that I am a people pleaser. Often I find myself making decisions in life based on other people’s opinions because I wanna be nice and not make anyone feel bad. I can’t say no because it will hurt someone’s feelings.

How do you judge a person?

I judge a person based on how they treat me. If you’re rude and nasty to me, I am automatically going to think you’re snobby. But if you’re nice to me, I like you and you’re cool people.  

Which countries/places would you like to visit?

I would love to visit Bora Bora and Paris. Bora Bora is just beautiful and Paris life is just elegant and classy like me :)

What is your life motto?

“The best is yet to come.”  Whenever I go through a problem or situation in my life, I just think of that and I become optimistic about the good things coming in my life.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? 

Invisibility… because you ever want to be somewhere and hear and see everything, but no one knows you’re there? So cool.

What is your favorite thing about yourself? 

My favorite thing about myself is my personality. I love how kind and funny I am… Also, I love my face. I’m just a tiny bit conceited LOL.