Student Spotlight on Joseph Kelly


Nicole Schmitt, Staff Writer

What are your plans after graduation?

My plans are to go to Cal U and study psychology.

What is something that most people may not know about you?

I’m training to start competing in weight lifting competitions.

What activities do you enjoy outside of school? 

I mainly enjoy going to the gym.

What is your goal for this year?

My goal is to be able to deadlift 405.

What movie could you never get tired of watching? 

I could never get tired of watching the Joker.

Which countries/places would you like to travel to?

I would like to visit Italy, specifically Rome.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

If I could pick any superpower, I would choose teleportation.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

My favorite thing about myself is that I give my 100% in everything I do.

What is your greatest weakness?

My greatest weakness is that I am a very angry person.