SASD creates helpful tutorials: the Parent/Student Resource website


Dana Persaud, Staff Writer

For two years, COVID-19 has affected education in various ways. The remote learning necessary during the pandemic has resulted in students, teachers, and parents having to cope with unprecedented communication struggles, especially when learning was not in-person and the rate of absences reached staggering numbers.

As a result of this, the Stroudsburg Area School District (SASD) administration and staff have worked hard to improve communication between faculty, students, staff, and parents more effectively — through technology.  The district has created the Stroudsburg Parent/Student Technology Resources website.

Students have had to adapt to learning remotely and cope with changes in their education. For parents, sudden changes in the district are constantly making it difficult to stay updated on their children’s education — even before remote learning. Students, parents, and teachers can all find the Stroudsburg Parent/Student Technology Resources website underneath the Parent bar on the SASD website. Parent/Student Resource page

“I think having everything in one place will make it super easy to check all of my assignments across different platforms,” said senior Grace Leon. “It’ll also make it easier for parents of younger kids who still need help with homework.”

In order to combat these issues, SASD’s Technology Department took action by creating the Stroudsburg Parent/Student Technology Resources website to aid the district. This valuable resource was created by Ms. Linda Yurkanin, SASD Technology Coach, and instituted in 2019 by Ms. Stacy Famoso, Director of Instructional Technology. The website has proven to be a very useful resource, especially during remote learning and COVID-19.

Yukanin has been a part of the district for over 25 years, working, teaching, assisting teachers, and helping others throughout the various schools in the district.

“Our goal is to make relative, important information in one area or depository, making it as self-contained and easy as possible,” said Yurkanin.

Yurkanin explained that she constantly updates the website as she goes. This is necessary with today’s technology, especially with Google. Yurkanin also works on setting up new, detailed pages that explain each new aspect of technology, from software to apps. 

As students, teachers, and parents have issues with how to use Google Slides, Google Docs, and virtually any app on the student district-issued Chromebook, they can easily find a solution on the Stroudsburg Parent/Student Technology Resources website. The user can simply click on the app icon on the website. Then, the user can find a description page with detailed images and videos explaining how to solve the user’s problem. The page has easy-to-follow instructions throughout the website that gives an easy fix to complicated problems.

Due to Yurkanin’s dedication and hard work, the district has technology resources all in one place. Her detailed and careful work goes past pictures, videos, and descriptions on commonly used apps  It actually includes technology and care tips that affect each student and teacher in the district. This helps users effectively navigate and utilize their technology.

The website is located on the district website to use as a resource and for teachers to utilize and access the page:

Parent/Student Resource page