SHS hosts the first annual boys Powderpuff volleyball game


Savannah Bone

Senior Liam McLaughlin diving for the ball

Savannah Bone, Staff Writer

The SHS class of 2023 has established a boy’s Powderpuff volleyball game that includes all grades. The game is modeled after the annual Powderpuff football game held each fall between senior and junior girls.

The event was held on Friday, March 25 at 7 p.m. The money raised goes to the class of 2023.

The senior, junior, and freshman classes were represented and they competed. The sophomore class was unable to get enough players to field a team.

Throughout the evening, each class played one another. The juniors won their matches against the freshman and seniors, making them the winners. This allowed them to receive the funds from Friday’s dress-down. The freshman also went on to defeat the seniors during the competition. 

Junior class president Chris Hu is the official creator of the fundraiser. 

“During gym class and throughout high school, boys volleyball has always been a conversation,” said Hu. “And after they did a girl’s football Powderpuff, our class knew exactly what we had to do!”

What’s really unique about this fundraiser is the fact that all grades had the opportunity to sign up, unlike the girls Powderpuff which has only ever consisted of seniors and juniors. 

“We wanted to include more grades as we heard complaints about how some grades felt excluded,” said Hu. 

 Members of the girls’ volleyball team were chosen to coach this year’s male players. This idea was modeled after the fall Powderpuff game in which the high school football players coached the girls for their football game. 

Coaching the freshman team was freshmen Emily Bozena, Lara Defreitas, and Emma Bialasiewicz. The junior team was coached by juniors Shelbey Dudsak and Mariah Stone, and the senior team was coached by seniors Dani Hausmann, Samantha Fors, and Stephanie Zaso. 

Check out the mini photo gallery below from Friday night’s action!