Students develop artistic eye in photography class. See photo gallery below

Saheim Clervoix, Staff Writer

Examine, focus, capture! These are the three steps it takes to display works of beauty using a camera.

Stroudsburg High School offers a wide variety of electives, and one that might interest students is the Photography Class. This current school year, the class is taught by Ms. Leah McKain (room F105) as a semester course. Even if you believe you are bad at taking photographs, this class provides the opportunity to get better.

ai???Digital photography opened up a new world of visual artai??? said senior Rashad Barron.

Although the class lasts only one semester, it provides very useful information on photography. Recently, the class introduced surrealism in photography based on the work of photographer Jerry Uselsmann. Surrealism in photography is an image taken from someoneai??i??s imagination with a dark twist consisting of large images. Itai??i??s meant to catch someoneai??i??s eye, and get them thinking of the meaning behind the photograph.

In addition to surrealism, students will begin to learn about the depth of fields, how to focus manually on cameras, the history behind cameras, and other fascinating topics.

Whether students have experience in photography or not, this class gives them the opportunity to learn more. Itai??i??s a class where you can freely discover and create an environment in which their work won’t be negatively judged. Ai??

Check out the photo gallery below of the photography students’ work!