Common Grounds coffee shop heats up for the 2017-18 school year


Makayla Maynard, Staff Writer

The Common Grounds re-opening took place this school year on Monday, September 25. Since its first opening on January 1, 2012, Common Grounds has been the place for staff and students to enjoy an affordable morning beverage and snack.

The cozy shop was originally established by education consultant Ms. Sherri McIntyre and speech & language therapist Ms. Lori Bochon. Their goal was to provide students with disabilities the opportunity to experience the workforce.

Over the past five years, Common Grounds has been able to open vocational opportunities, providing more educational experiences for the students. Some of those vocational opportunities include Common Threads (a clothing shop), Common Clerical/Delivery (office work), and Common Ties (dog toy shop).

Recently, Bochon and her staff added a new cappuccino flavor called Cinnabon.

ai???Itai??i??s really popular,ai??? said Bochon. ai???Every year we try to add a new flavor to the machine.”

They always have regular/flavored decaf coffee and various hot teas. Currently, they have hot chocolate, french vanilla, caramel, and cookies and cream.

Common Grounds also features great beverages for low prices. Ai??ai???Most coffee is around a dollar, so everything is affordable,” said Bochon.Ai??For more information on prices of food and drinks, see the attached menu below.

A Common Grounds shop, called ai???Common Grounds Tooai??? is also planned to open in the winter of 2018 at the Stroudsburg Junior High School.

ai???Not everyone wants to be in the food industry, so itai??i??s nice that there are more opportunities to try new jobs like clothing retail,ai??? said Bochon.

Students are only allowed to visit Common Grounds periods 1-3 with their whole class. To purchase a drink or snack, each student needs a special Common Grounds pass that will be provided by the teacher. Teachers can also order through phone for staff delivery.

Phone number: 45140